Gapyeong Cruise Dock
Gapyeong Marina

We promise comfortable rest and peace amidst nature,
and the start of a new adventure.

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As you bask in the beauty of the Bukhan River through the seasons, a journey unfolds where leisurely times spent on the cruise naturally weave into memories.

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Waiting room / Gapyeong County PR Hall
2FMarina Cafe60 Seats(In),
32 Seats(Outdoor)
3FMarina Cafe (Rent Options)86 Seats(In),
32 Seats(Outdoor)


Waiting room
Gapyeong County PR Hall

Our cruise offers not only a spacious area, but also an open and welcoming atmosphere for everyone.


Marina Cafe

In a space overlooking the Bukhan River, you can enjoy a special moment with delicious desserts, along with unique drink recipes and premium coffee from Marina Cafe.

92 Seats(In 86, Outdoor 32 Seat)


Marina Cafe (Rent Options)

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On special days, create moments that deepen bonds with loved ones in an open space overlooking the Bukhan River.

118 Seats
(In 86, Outdoor 32 Seat)

Basic Rule (Round Trip)
Two Hour Minimum

Rent Price (Weekday)

Pent Price (Holiday)


Outdoor Rooftop

In summer, you can embrace the cool breeze from afar, and in winter, you can welcome the beauty of the snow-covered landscapes beyond the Bukhan River.